Learn to Edit like a Pro

Tired of photographing beautiful, vibrant sunsets or luscious, rich landscapes only to be disappointed by dull and flat images on your computer screen when you get home?

Do you look at other photographers’ images and feel they have that extra punch and wow that your photography lacks?

The truth is, our cameras simply don’t capture and reproduce a scene exactly how we see it, and the result is often a flat and lifeless image. The potential is there, buried in the file, it just remains untapped without first applying these professional editing techniques to your images.

In my Lightroom Essentials training class, I’ll show you how to get the very best out of your photography using the industry’s leading image processing and workflow tool. You’ll learn how to achieve fantastic results with minimal editing time.

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Example Lightroom edits:

What you’ll learn:    

–   Adding punch and vibrancy to your images to make them pop and stand out from the crowd

–   Getting the best results from different subjects, from landscapes to street scenes and wildlife

–   Developing an efficient workflow so you spend less time editing and more time shooting     

–   How to develop your own unique editing style    

–   And much, much more! Full course contents below

Each attendee will also receive handouts recapping everything covered, plus my handpicked Lightroom shortcuts

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Who is it for?

The class is suitable for photographers of any level, genre or photographic style looking to become proficient in Adobe Lightroom, whether you are just starting out with the software or if you already have a grasp of the basics.

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Lesson Format

The standard two-hour lesson is delivered by me as a live one-to-one demonstration of how to use the software and its features to perform effective edits. Along the way, I will answer all of your questions about Lightroom, how to set up your camera to get the best results and photography in general. You will also receive detailed notes, written by me, as a reminder of what each tool does and how to best use it.

Following feedback from many happy clients, this format has proved to be most beneficial and cost-effective. The Lightroom interface is relatively intuitive and quick to learn once demonstrated, but learning how to use the tools to perform specific editing techniques opens up the real power of the software.

If you wish to bring your own laptop so we can perform edits together, two or more separate appointments can be arranged as required to suit your needs, as this is obviously a slower process.

There is a ‘Content Overview’ for the training further down the page.

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What isn’t covered?

This class introduces the key tools and techniques you need to become proficient in Adobe Lightroom. However, it does not cover advanced retouching techniques, including portrait retouching, or compositing, as Adobe Photoshop is the appropriate application for this kind of advanced editing work.

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Do you offer Lightroom technical support?

Yes! I regularly provide support to photographers having issues managing their Lightroom catalogue,  image collections and the incredibly important back-up process. I am able to help with software and hardware performance issues, your photography website, monitor calibration, preparing images for print and a host of other technical challenges.

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My Adobe Lightroom Training class costs just £79 for a two-hour one-to-one session. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about Lightroom and, within the two hours, we can focus on any particular areas you’re keen to learn more about.

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Where does the training take place?

Training will take place in the very accessible location of Thornliebank, Glasgow.

Driving: just 5 minutes off the M77, at the same exit as Silverburn Shopping Centre

Train: a 10-minute train journey from Glasgow Central on the Glasgow Central – East Kilbride line. I am then just a two-minute walk from Thornliebank train station.

Bus: several buses also run from town – 57 and 10 – and other parts of Glasgow.

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Getting the most out of your training sessions

I highly recommend all photographers attending bring along some RAW files of their own and I will guide you through how I would personally approach the edit, from start to finish. However, bringing your own files is completely optional and I have a selection of my own images I think work very well as examples, if you’re not ready to share yours just yet!

And that’s it! Just bring yourself, and a few images if you like. Along with the training, each attendee will also receive handouts recapping everything covered, plus my handpicked Lightroom shortcuts.

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Don’t have Lightroom yet?

The Adobe Photography Bundle includes both Lightroom and Photoshop for just £9.98 per month.

Adobe Lightroom Essentials Training: Content Overview:*

Sure to be filled with many ‘ahhh, so that’s how you do that!’ moments, the Essentials Course will equip you with the knowledge you need to start using Lightroom’s main editing and workflow features like a pro.

Part 1: Introducing Lightroom

We’ll kick off your training session by demonstrating exactly why Lightroom is the ideal editing tool for any photographer, from beginners to professionals. In no time at all, you’ll have a revealing insight into the wonders this powerful editing tool can do for the end result of your photography.

– Lightroom introduction & overview

– Organising and importing your photos

– Navigating Lightroom

Part 2: Bring your images to life

In this section I’ll take you through the essentials of Lightroom’s powerful adjustment tools, demonstrating what each one does and how to apply them to maximise the visual impact of your images.

– Editing overview

– Fundamental editing tools

Part 3: Optimise your workflow (and save hours of editing time)

In Part 3, I’ll show you how to quickly sift through your files, only picking out the best shots you’ll want to invest time editing. Being efficient at this stage of the process can save you hours of time during the editing phase, letting you do more of what you love most: taking photos!

– Picking & rejecting images

– The processing workflow

Part 4: Example edits

Using the editing techniques explained in Part 3, I’ll take you through some live examples of how I would approach editing different scenes and subjects.

Bring along your own files (camera RAW files highly recommended, but not necessary) and see your very own images being transformed. You’ll be able to ask me questions about how I would approach certain scenes and which editing settings I’d apply.

Part 5: Exporting your images

I’ll show you how to export your images for use on the web, social media and print.

– Recommended settings

– Creating export profiles

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* As every Lightroom class is personalised to the student, we may skip one or more of these topics to spend more time on areas that are most important to you.